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Why our product is the best

We are the Direct Exclusive Distributor of Pink Himalayan Salt Certified from Government Of Pakistan for North America

years; productions at the rate of ~385,000 tons of salt per annum, it is expected to last for another 350 years


contains over 84 minerals and trace elements; including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron


natural as it is a product mined from the ground, typically by hand; with no unnatural interference

326 BC

concentration of salt near khewra, Punjab in Pakistan is said to have been discovered around 326 BC


visitors a year to Khewra Salt Mine, our soruce. This mine is also Pakistan’s largest & oldest; world’s 1st largest

Hygieia Salts

The best available quality salts available in the market.

Explore Our Products

Hygieia Pink Salt

The best available quality pink salt available in the market.


Ancient Pure Himalayan Sea Salt

The Sea Salt goes with all sorts of culinary methods

Asim Warriach

Asim has been a profound entrepruenuer for many years bringing quality products to the market and keeping health concerns in mind in which consumers in many regions of the world have benefited. Asim is the CEO and Chairman of Hygieia Inc. Bringing pink salt 100% organic product that provide exclusive health benefits.

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